Jutta is your Transformational Expert!

She will help you to become the Best Version of Yourself. 

To become your Higher Self, and living an aligned and extraordinary life.

She is your ‘Tour Guide with a torch’ to help you to discover new possibilities you never thought were possible, and to move forward in your live.

Jutta is committed to:

  • Inspire and help you to believe in yourself and your Greatness.
  • Start living a life on your terms
  • Feel empowered
  • Cut the chains of the past
  • Experience freedom to fully express your uniqueness
  • Learn how to master your emotions and lead yourself
  • Facilitate change from the inside-out

Jutta brings her unique personality and intuitive wisdom to all of her work, which will result in generative ‘Higher Learning’.  Her extensive expertise of various Change and Healing Modalities combined with her ability to intuitively integrate these is the basis for her outstanding results. Her multi-facet approach is unique and second-to-none.

Jutta specializes in ‘Higher Self-Love after Divorce and Separation’ – which is her Signature Program, though she offers also other programs related to Self-Love and Empowerment.


What is mBIT Coaching and mBraining?

It is a technology of human excellence that brings wisdom – a human life alive! It elevates you to get to another level of feeling, being and doing! It is scientifically proven that we all have three brains – or three intelligences: the head brain, the heart brain and the gut brain.  The alignment of all three will result in greater wisdom, success and happiness.

What does your heart want?
What is your gut saying?

How can we support these with the creativity of your head brain?


Find your highest expression of
ComPassion, Creativity and Courage
with the help of mBraining.

She goes with you…
Beyond the surface.
Beyond the masks.
Beyond the façades.
Beyond the conditioning.
Beyond the illusions.

… and then you will
‘Be proud of who you are’
‘Be the Best you can Be’
‘Be your Higher Self’

Take the first step and contact Jutta today…

Mission Statement:

“To inspire people to believe in themselves and their greatness, and empower them to live an aligned and extraordinary life which fully expresses their uniqueness to the world, and therefore making a difference to mankind.”

Are you ready for change?

If you feel interested or inspired to reveal who you really are and what you are capable of achieving in this life then now is the time.